Corona’s vaccination narrative illustrious history

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9 min readMay 29, 2021
Corona’s vaccination

Corona’s vaccination is underway in many countries to prevent coronavirus infection. Several vaccines have already been provided in many countries. The latest vaccines are also effective in Succeeding.

Vaccines as new

CureVac awaits approval

The German biopharmaceutical company CureVac announced the acceleration of work on their mRNA-based platform for the development of Corona’s vaccination. The European Commission has announced financial assistance of 80 million euros. The organization began clinical trials of the vaccine they made. They are hopeful that it will be possible to make millions of vaccines at a low cost by using their own production system. The company hopes to bring the vaccine to market by the middle of this year. But rapid consent When it passes through the procedure, the CureVac vaccine can become available early. Microsoft founder Bill Gates is behind the creation of the CureVac vaccine.

Cove-Iran Barekat successful in human trial

The second phase has started as the first phase of the human trial has been successfully completed The Cove-Iran Barekat vaccine. The study was approved by the Iranian Ministry of Health after reviewing the results of the first phase. In the second phase, the vaccine was administered to 400 people. Now, in the third phase, 20,000 volunteers are being vaccinated. The vaccine, called “Cove-Iran Barekat”, was administered to 56 people in stages in the first phase as part of a human trial. The research team involved in making the vaccine said they were in the early stages Got the expected results. One on the morning of December 29 Ticker made in Iran by applying it on the body of a female volunteer The human trial was started.

One dose of Johnson Vaccine

One month ago, the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approved a single-dose Cavid-19 vaccine invented by Johnson & Johnson. This is now the only one-dose corona vaccination authorized. The United States has approved three coronavirus vaccines. Earlier, the country had approved Pfizer Biotech and Modern Vaccines. The two companies have to take the vaccine in two doses.

Effective Sputnik-5

The Lancet Research Journal The Sputnik-5 coronavirus vaccine is about 92 percent effective against Cavid-19. Although production has already begun, final testing of efficacy has shown that the vaccine is safe and provides complete protection against hospitalization or death. Sputnik V2 can be stored at a temperature of 6 C.

Russia is leading in vaccine production

The whole world was waiting for the vaccine: research is going on in different countries of the world. Russia gave the first good news at this time. First and foremost, Russia’s researchers have placed the corona vaccination in the human body on the shelves successfully. The first corona vaccine in the world was registered for that success according to the plan. Russian President Vladimir Putin himself announced the world’s first vaccine. On state television, the Russian president said it was the first time in the world that a corona vaccine had been registered.

I know this will create the ability to resist the virus. And the Russian-made corona vaccine has been named ‘Sputnik 5’. Russia’s health ministry said earlier that the vaccine would be available worldwide. Ordinary people will benefit. “It will do no harm to the human body,” said Alexander Gisstberg, director of the Gamalei Research Institute. This vaccine will produce some inanimate or inanimate particles in the human body. These will be made in the presence of the adenovirus in the body. From there, antibodies against coronavirus will be made.

Pfizer, Moderna, Johnson in America

The United States has so far used 109 million Pfizer, 92 million Modern, and 7.9 million Johnson & Johnson vaccines. The country, which has a population of 130 million, is at the top of the list, with people all over the age of 60 receiving a single dose of coronavirus vaccine. Epidemiologist Anthony Fauci’s claim that the rate at which the second wave of Cavid is spreading is uncertain in the current situation. This predicament may nevertheless be addressed relatively rapidly with appropriate information and compliance with specific norms and laws. According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), 64 million senior citizens in the United States have already been vaccinated, accounting for 32.5 percent of the country’s total population. The White House has urged the general public to have the vaccination accessible sooner rather than later.

Oxford-AstraZeneca in the UK

Invention by Oxford University and AstraZeneca experts, the coronavirus vaccine was authorized in the UK at the end of last years. This vaccine is approved in Great Britain by the United Kingdom Medicines and Health Care Product Regulatory Authority (MHRA). The vaccine is safe and effective. Using this vaccination, they have observed that the immune system of the human body is growing. After administering the vaccine to 1,006 people, it was found that they developed antibodies to Cavid-19. In addition, white blood cells are produced, which fights the coronavirus. According to CNN, the Oxford AstraZeneca vaccine is easier to store and transport than the Modern and Pfizer vaccines. The vaccine can be kept at a temperature of two to eight degrees Celsius for at least six months. Modern vaccines, on the other hand, can be stored at minus 20 degrees Celsius for 30 days.

Vaccines in a joint venture between India Biotech and ICMR in India

India did not have medicine at the beginning of the new year An expert committee under the authority approved a second corona vaccine, the news agency PTI reported. This vaccine called Kodakin has been discovered in India. The vaccine was developed by Bharat Biotech in a joint venture with the country’s medical research institute ICMR. Two corona vaccines for emergency use have been licensed in India. An expert committee already authorized Oxford AstraZeneca. The Cavid-19 vaccine, which is being utilized in other areas of the world to fulfill local demand, has received pressing permission from the Central Government of India.

In India, vaccination programs are being started in the state governments from May with instructions to register all those above 18 years of age. However, this time to buy Kovacin, the Raj government has to spend Rs 800 and private hospitals Rs 1,200. Krishna Miller, managing director of Bharat Biotech, said, “The cost of testing the vaccine, including production, came from its own funds. In addition, the country’s vaccine maker Seram Institute has been criticized for setting the price at 600 for 400 private hospitals for the state government. The Seram Institute is also facing criticism for announcing the sale of vaccines to the central government at Rs 150 and to the state governments at Rs 800.

In contrast, Sputnik D’s Russian-made vaccine for emergency use in India had previously been licensed. In addition, five vaccinations are set to be approved in India. That list includes Johnson & Johnson, Zydus Cadillac, Serum’s Novavax, and Bharat Biotech, a nozzle vaccine. According to a Reuters story, India plans to authorize the Western and Japanese-approved Cavid-19 vaccine for emergency use.

Successful casino biologics and synovial biotech in China

Of the more than 10 companies leading the vaccine race, four are from China. Discussions on a vaccine from Chinese casino biologics have been going on since last year. Clinical trials have allowed the use of the Chinese-made coronavirus vaccine because of its safe and effective evidence. The vaccine is administered for one year among members of the country’s military. The vaccine was developed jointly by the Chinese military’s research unit and Cancino Biologics. Eight vaccines made in China have been approved for testing in humans at home and abroad. The ad 5-encode vaccine is proven to be safe.

So much Corona is one of the most widely used vaccines in the country China is considered successful. Synovial Biotech Limited, meanwhile, claims that their coronavirus vaccine is safe and that tests have yielded 90 percent positive results. The synovial vaccine is able to fight the coronavirus. In addition, it is playing a role in increasing the immunity of people rapidly. In clinical trials, it produced effective antibodies in the body within two weeks. No side effects were seen in 90% of the people in the trial. They are capable of producing 100 million doses of Corona’s vaccination per year in response to corona.

Iran produces three vaccines of its own

Iran has said it will produce its own antidote to the coronavirus. The country is going to produce a total of three vaccines. Tehran has announced that three Corona’s vaccination invented by the country’s scientists are in the third stage of being applied experimentally in the human body. Hujjat Nick Malaki, a spokesman for the Iranian think tank, hopes the vaccine will prove to be over 90 percent effective. However, only after the end of the human trial of Ticker can the final word be said.

Coronavirus in Iran Researchers and scientists in the country have started research to create vaccines since the spread. Head of the expert committee formed to deal with Iran’s corona. Mokhab said in a statement that the production of the corona vaccine, codenamed Iran Barekat, invented by local scientists, would begin. It will produce 1 million doses of vaccine a month and hand it over to the country’s health ministry. Later, another 30 to 35 lakh doses will be produced by next June. By September, they will have produced 50 million doses of the vaccine.

Digital Vaccine Passport

The word digital vaccine passport has come up lately. This is the ‘digital certificate’ for Corona’s vaccination. Different countries in Europe and America are thinking about the digital passport of Corona Ticker. A detailed article on this important subject was published in The New York Times on February 4, 2021. As mentioned there, the concept of corona ticker international digital pass or passport-like international passport is gaining acceptance. Meanwhile, the EU has set a target of preparing a coronavirus vaccine certificate within a few months.

They want to give as many tourism opportunities as possible by preparing those ‘digital green passports’ before the summer holiday season. This means that people in EU countries who have received all doses of the vaccine can be identified separately. But the risk of infection will be eliminated as soon as the vaccine is given, in all cases there is disagreement about the usefulness of the certificate as there is no such evidence yet. For example, to go to some countries, you have to show the certificate of yellow fever, rubella, etc. In the case of Corona, it would be better if digital certification was arranged.

Caution even after vaccination

While immunizations are safe, it is not certain that you will not be infected again. The coronavirus may enter your body through your nose and mouth and then sneeze and cough again. So it is necessary to wear a mask to remedy it. Apart from that, it may be that someone got infected with corona a few days before and after Corona’s vaccination. No symptoms may have been seen at the time of Corona’s vaccination.

Even if you get vaccinated in this condition, you will not get the benefits before at least 10–15 days. In this case, if you do not wear a mask, many others can be infected. So you need to wear a mask. But just getting your own vaccine is not enough. Everyone needs to walk around wearing a face mask until there is fairly hard immunity in the country. There is no substitute for using a mask to combat the coronavirus.

Those who are ahead in vaccination

Bhutan’s record for most people vaccinated with Covid 19 in nine days Has done. Eighty-one percent of them have received the first dose of Corona’s vaccination. According to AFP, Bhutan, a small country in the Himalayas, started the vaccination program with the AstraZeneca-Oxford vaccine obtained from India. Out of the country’s 670,000 people, 480,000 have been vaccinated, which is 81.3% of the total population. Meanwhile, a study by Our World in Data, a research institute on corona data, found that Israel was ahead of the population in terms of vaccination percentage.

The country has already vaccinated 72.1 percent of its population. The rate is 42 percent in the United States, 50 percent in the United Kingdom, 23 percent in Spain, 21 percent in Italy, 23 percent in Germany, 23 percent in Belgium, 21 percent in France, 30 percent in Canada, 21 percent in the Netherlands, 13 percent in Brazil and 6 percent in India. There are still 181 vaccines waiting to be tested at the initial stage. There are 19 short-range tests on tick safety and 25 wide-range tests.

New strain and a booster dose

Pfizer Biotech, Modana, and Oxford AstraZeneca are the three largest companies in the development of Corona’s vaccination. Among them, Pfizer and Modana have developed RNA technology vaccines that are new as a method. But don’t change the style all the time. People are always hesitant about new strains. And so a booster dose is needed for greater protection. The first dose of vaccine has some protection, but a booster dose If not accepted, the security system will gradually weaken. In the BBC feature on 15 January 2021, Zaria Garvet has analyzed the issue very nicely. Experts say that after the first vaccination, the body’s immune system activates two important white blood cells.

First the plasma B-cell. They mainly focus on making antibodies. But the durability of these cells is short. So a few weeks after the first dose of the vaccine, there are a lot of antibodies in the blood, but if the second dose is not given, their number decreases. Another is the T-cell. They’re in charge of recognizing infections and rendering them useless. Some of these are ‘memory T-cells’. They survive in the body for decades.