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success of the vaccine

Our survival depends on bringing people from all over the world under the success of the vaccine Covid-19. Although vaccination is a complex process. Yet more than 70 million doses of the Covid-19 vaccine have been delivered worldwide. According to the World Health Organization, 11 percent have received the Covid-19 vaccine. The success of the vaccine has been seen in the country. In countries around the world where vaccination has been successful, This event is about those countries …

The United States is ahead of everyone else

About 21 crore doses

As many as 206 million doses of the vaccine have been administered in the United States as of Sunday. The country received an average of 3 million 20 thousand doses of vaccine last week. President Joe Biden said the United States will have enough corona vaccine for all adults by the end of May. The United States has already signed agreements with Pfizer-Bioentech and Modern. According to the agreement, they will get 300 million doses of the corona vaccine. This amount of vaccine is enough to vaccinate all adult Americans by the end of next July. The United States is the most affected country in the world by the coronavirus epidemic.

However, after the start of the corona vaccination program, The number of people infected and dying from corona in the country has dropped in recent weeks. In addition, strict restrictions on the prevention of corona infections seem to be another reason for the reduction in infections and deaths. Being done. As of Sunday, more than 31.6 million people in the United States had been infected with the coronavirus, according to Johns Hopkins University. More than 5 lakh 6 thousand 900 people have died. Hundreds of countries and organizations are working to develop effective and safe vaccines for corona. Of these, the Pfizer and Oxford-Astragene vaccines in the United States have proven to be relatively more effective and safer.

initially received

Meanwhile, the United States has said that the next step is to require a booster shot within the next nine to 12 months after everyone initially received the Cavid-19 vaccine. That is why preparations are being made. A White House official said last Thursday. President Joe Biden’s chief scientist on the Cavid-19 Response Task Force Officer David Kessler told a congressional committee meeting that after learning about the timeline for preventing the virus from being vaccinated, it looks like a booster vaccine will be needed upfront. “Those with the worst physical conditions will be the first to benefit from the vaccine’s success,” he continued. That is our thought for now.

Origin China is now normal

About 160 million doses

As of April 11, China had vaccinated 160 million people against coronavirus. While the rate is about 11 percent of the total population, it is still far below China’s target. According to the government’s plan, 570 million people will be vaccinated by June, which is 40 percent of the country’s total population. China has been accused of withholding vaccine information. People in Uhan have been vaccinated along the line in the last few weeks. Many of them have been vaccinated voluntarily. Gao Fu, director of the country’s Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, said they were working to increase the effectiveness of the success of the vaccine in preventing corona.

One way to do this is to mix different vaccines. Meanwhile, China’s state news agency Xinhua said that manufacturers had increased their capacity to speed up vaccination activities. Sing fur According to the statement, between the end of this year and the middle of next year, the country has set a target of vaccinating 60 to 70 percent of the population. But experts say it’s more important to know how effective the vaccine is, not to increase coverage. Jagnasan Wang, director of Stanford University’s Center for Policy, Outcomes, and Prevention thinks that once the border is open, people can be infected again by people coming from outside, which is likely to spread across the country.

Success at Sputnik-5 in Russia

150 million doses

Russia has set a precedent in the world in the fight against coronavirus. Last August, the country announced the discovery of the first corona vaccine called Sputnik-5. Most in Moscow in early December. Russia started this vaccination program among the citizens at risk. There has been a lot of controversy over the approval. The rapid approval of the vaccine has raised questions in the Western media about its effectiveness. Meanwhile, Russian scientists have published the first report on their coronavirus vaccine.

It has been found that early tests of the vaccine show evidence of an immune response Done. There are no major side effects of this vaccine. Corona infections are currently declining in Russia. The people of the country have so far been vaccinated with 15 crores 46 lakh 9 thousand 617 doses of the corona. Which is 5.4 percent of the total population. An average of 2 lakh 7 thousand 8 doses of vaccine are given daily in the country.

Vaccination in Britain don’t control

About 3 crore doses

The United Kingdom has approved two vaccines made by Oxford AstraZeneca and Pfizer-Bioentech to prevent coronavirus. People over the age of 70 and at health risk are becoming more important in getting vaccinated. About one-third of people in the UK have been vaccinated against coronavirus. Out of 6 crore 80 lakh people, 3 crore 26 lakh 93 thousand 528 people have been vaccinated once. In addition, 94 lakh 17 thousand 97 people have been vaccinated with the second dose. The United Kingdom is far ahead of other European countries in terms of vaccination. The country is much more normal now. Prime Minister Boris Johnson said it was a huge national achievement.

This was made possible by the relentless work of the health workers. Meanwhile, Britain wants to complete the vaccination of all adults in the country by one dose by July. Corona has the highest number of deaths in Europe. Strains of the highly contagious and deadly coronavirus have been found in the UK. As a result, corona spread rapidly there. According to the latest UK government figures, about 4.4 million people in the country have been infected with corona so far. Of these, more than 1 lakh 26 thousand people have died from this virus. Achieve vaccination targets for people over 50 years of age The United Kingdom has. The country’s government says it is possible to offer vaccinations to anyone in this age group by mid-April.

the phase of the immunization

And 95 percent have received at least one dose of the vaccine. The United Kingdom has started the second phase of the immunization program on 13 April. At this stage, people between the ages of 45 and 49 are urged to get vaccinated. The United Kingdom is the worst affected country in Europe in the Corona epidemic. In the country, around 1 lakh 26 thousand people have perished. However, the country has rapidly reduced infections and deaths through rapid vaccinations and nationwide lockdowns. The UK is currently in the process of lifting the lockdown ban. Shops, salons, gyms, and restaurants have been open since April 12. Imam Yunus Dudhwala, head of the UK’s NHS division, said most Muslim scholars say it is possible to get vaccinated while fasting.

In other words, if the vaccine is taken, the fast will not be broken. Experts around the world say that the vaccine is still an effective way to save the lives of oneself and loved ones. Britain’s National Director of Primary Health Care. Nicky Canani said people of all faiths in Britain should come forward to get vaccinated.

Covid control at Turkey

About 1 crore doses

Corona vaccination program started in Turkey on 14 January. In the meantime, about 6 lakh health workers have received the first dose of the two-dose vaccine. The country has vaccinated people over the age of 90 against coronavirus. Many of them are residents of old-age homes. Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan took the first dose of the Chinese-made Synovac Biotech vaccine. Turkey initially coroner health workers and the most at-risk people Vaccines. Turkey, meanwhile, has set a target of vaccinating 40-year-olds by the end of May or early June. In addition, the goal of vaccinating 20-year-olds by July has been set, said Turkish Health Minister Fahretin Kocha.

He took the first vaccine in the country after receiving the vaccine from Sinovac. Calling on the people to get vaccinated, Kocha said, “We need this vaccination program to go back to our normal, old way of life.” So far, 16 million people in the country have taken the first dose of the vaccine. 6 lakh people have received the second dose of the vaccine. More than 4.2 million people in the country have been affected by corona. Of these, more than 35,600 people have died. More than 36 lakh 43 thousand people have already recovered.

Covid lotus in the UAE

About 6 million doses

The United Arab Emirates has allowed the emergency use of four corona vaccines. These include Cinnofers, Pfizer Bioentech, Sputnik Five, and Oxford AstraZeneca vaccines. The Ministry of Health has taken a plan to build immunity in the country. To this end, they have appealed to all those who are eligible for vaccination to get vaccinated. The ministry also called on everyone to encourage family, friends, and colleagues to get vaccinated. Among the country’s health ministers and people suffering from chronic diseases, 72.69 percent have been vaccinated.

This number is 56.59 percent of the people eligible for the corona vaccine in the country. ” The corona vaccination system has been available to all eligible persons in the country since March 21. The UAE Ministry of Health has urged everyone to register for the vaccine. On March 20, Health Minister Abdul Rahman Al Wais said in a statement that the Ministry of Elderly had said that people aged 18 and over, including those living in the UAE, had so far received 80.39 million doses of the success of the vaccine.

Israel showed success

50 lakh doses

Israel has shown great success in vaccinating its citizens. More than half of the country’s population, 56.4 percent, have received the first dose of the vaccine and 53.4 percent have received the second dose. The second dose of Pfizer-Bioentech vaccine in the country has been found to be 98.9 percent effective in preventing death. The effectiveness of the vaccine has also been proven thereby rapidly vaccinating large numbers of people. So far in the vaccination program, No one is in a position close to Israel. Behind Israel’s rapid immunization program is the country’s effective national health system. In addition to the identity cards of about 9 million citizens, their electronic medical files have also been added. That work other countries could not do.

Now others can learn a lot from it. Vaccination of a large number of people in Israel has created opportunities for experts to review real experiences. Analysis of the situation there shows that the vaccines are working as promised. It has even been shown to be effective against corona, a new feature derived from the UK. The corona vaccination program began in Israel on December 19 last year. Authorities issued a strict lockdown two weeks later. Although there were some doubts about vaccination in the beginning, now the country is getting the benefit of implementing a rapid vaccination program.

Switzerland got the benefit of the ticker

19 lakh doses

In Switzerland, on December 19, the country’s central drug regulator, SwissMedic, officially approved the use of the corona success of the vaccine, invented by Pfizer and Bioentech. The first phase of vaccination activities started on December 23. People in the country have been vaccinated with 1.9 million doses so far. The full dose of the vaccine has been given to 6 lakh 32 thousand people. Which is 6 percent of the total population of the country. According to an online report by Singapore-based television channel CNA, the company claimed after approving the ticker, they were the first country in the world to approve the corona ticker in compliance with the appropriate rules.

Switzerland approved the use of the vaccine only after two months of proper testing. Neither the United States nor the United Kingdom took much time to approve the Pfizer vaccine. SwissMedic wrote on its website: In addition, the vaccine has passed the safety test. Raimudra Bruhin, director of Ismedic, said patient safety was one of the prerequisites for approval. Especially in cases where the ticker is approved are concerns.

The success of sparsely populated countries

Some countries are doing much better than expected with the coronavirus success of the vaccine. Among them are small populated countries. One such country is Seychelles in West Africa. About 48 percent of the population of more than 1 lakh has received the Kavid-19 vaccine. The country’s health ministry said it would soon bring all its members under the Covid-19 vaccine. It is hoped that Seychelles will be the first country in the world to have such protection.

The Corona situation has returned to normal in the British-ruled country of Gibralta off the coast of Spain on the Mediterranean coast. In a country of 33,000 people, more than 25,000 adults have received two doses of the success of the vaccine. The administration has lifted the curfew, and the country’s infection rate has dropped to zero. Six hundred people in economically prosperous Europe’s Monaco have received the Cavid-19 vaccine. The health ministry said no new cases of corona had been reported in the country. Another small country in Europe is San Marino, where the country’s administration has lifted the curfew since April 12.

vaccinated against coronavirus

All adults in the country have been vaccinated against coronavirus. Gradually the country has started to become normal. All 4 adults in the British Isles, the Isle of Man, have received the first dose of the Cavid-19 vaccine. The country’s health minister said the vaccine dose was due to end in May but was expected to end earlier. The health minister hopes that the country of more than 64,000 people will gradually return to normal. Corona infections have begun to decline in Bermuda, a North Atlantic Ocean country.

About 56 percent of the country’s people are covered by the Kavid-19 vaccine, according to the country’s health ministry. The Falkland Islands in the South Atlantic Ocean have received the Oxford-AstraZeneca vaccine. Corona’s situation has returned to normal as all adults in the country’s 3,000-strong population have been vaccinated. The situation in St. Helena’s Corona in the Atlantic Ocean has also returned to normal. All adults in the country of 4,000 people have received the success of the vaccine Cavid-19.