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6 min readMay 27, 2021

The quality of some known plants and products

Vegetable trees are compressing, life is precious to get rid of diseases. Nimapata (1) At least once a month, Nimapata bet is an appeal to the whole body to prevent various diseases and germs.

(2) Mixing 20–22 neem leaves and 25 grams of raw turmeric together and rubbing it on the body does not cause any skin disease. The body is soft and bright. Butter at least once a week.

(3) Mix 1 teaspoon of neem leaf powder and 1 teaspoon of honey together and eat it on an empty stomach in the morning.

And prevents diarrhea.

(4) Every morning on an empty stomach mix 1 teaspoon of neem leaf juice and 1 teaspoon of raw turmeric with blood.

Cleanses, air destroys bile and phlegm.

Basil leaves

According to Ayurveda, Tulsipata cures various ailments. Basil also works well in the treatment of heart disease and ischemia. Dr. PG Kurup has been doing research on Tulsipata for five years. There are no restrictions on the use of basil. When you want, you can chew as many raw leaves as you want. For our lives, vegetable trees are so useful.

* Basil leaves is one of the better herbal medicines known. This vegetable trees is Materia Medica’s highest spot. * Before taking a bath, take some basil leaves in water and take a bath with that water after a while

If you do, there is no skin disease.

* There will be no disease-related to Udao if you drink the water with basil leaves in a pot of drinking water.

* Tulsi garland, still happy and safe to help the body.

In a limited way.

Tulsi Chibole does not cause tooth decay. Teeth become stronger, brighter, and prolong the life of teeth. Massage with basil juice strengthens bones, makes the body radiant, and keeps the body healthy. Applying basil juice instead of soap, oil, cream, etc. gives various physical health benefits. Vegetable trees are a blessing to get rid of many diseases in our life. Libido testing basil. He is sattvic and he is growing libido


In case of this disease, basil juice must devour continuously. If the finger melts, and the bones are pretentious, the basil juice still has the power to cure dullness. If white is dull, Then you have to chew 5 leaves of Tulsi in the morning. Five leaves should be eaten at noon and several days before sunset. It is beneficial. Rubbing the basil leaves with the soil of the root of the basil tree and applying it on the spots does not leave any spots.


If a miscarriage occurs due to uterine noise, then 25 grams of basil seeds should be crushed and sifted through a cloth. It is beneficial to divide the menstrual days into three doses and feed them three times a day

Fetal control

Mistakes are also contraceptives. When the menstrual period is over, if the juice is boiled and eaten for three days, the fetus will not be transmitted.

Youth stabilization-

20 grams of Pipul root and an equal amount of Ashwagandha, Topchini, Talmakhana, Nagkeshar with 100 grams of Tulsipata, all together, 250 grams of honey mixed with half a kilo of sugar to make a chutney to cool, this time mixed with all the janitor, small cardamom and saffron Ten grams each should be crushed. Then mix all together and put in a transparent glass container. This is the tonic of Tulsi. On a winter day, lick 10 grams daily in the morning and drink a glass of hot milk to prolong youth.


The toothache is very painful. Symptoms include chills, abdominal distension, and toothache if the teeth are unclean. Treatment: Dry the leaves of the veranda tree in the amount of 50 gm well in the sun, burn it in the fire and burn the ashes. Then add 5 grams of alum powder, 10 grams of camphor, and 2 grams of methyl powder. Now mix the ingredients well and put them in a bottle. Wake up every morning and brush your teeth with this powder for at least 10 minutes to 1 month before going to bed at night. If you have a toothache, you should make a paste by crushing the basil leaves and black pepper and if you put it on the floor of the toothache, the toothache will be reduced.


This disease causes difficulty in urination. There is pain in the lower abdomen. In the case of this disease, the patient should be seated in such a way that the patient’s lower limbs are lower than the waist. Tulsimanjuni must be set on fire to make karter. Then the patient should be placed under the waist with the pot of Kath and pressed on it. As if steam is felt in the lower part of the patient. As the steam spreads over the mucous membranes, the rock melts and slips out through the vortex. With the help of this application without surgery, the stone comes out.


This disease occurs when there is less blood in the body. The whole body turns yellow. It is called jaundice in Naba and English. Radish and Tulsi The best way to cure anemia is to mix 10 grams of Tulsi juice and 50 grams of radish juice together and mix molasses in it. It should be taken three times daily for one month. Tulsipata 3 gm again 3 gm of the root, the two should be crushed together and consumed in 50 gm water. If the body turns yellow due to anemia, it will go away. The patient will also recover.

Labor pains

Eating basil juice reduces the painful pain of childbirth and reduces childbirth. After soaking the basil seeds in water for 24 hours, it is sifted and mixed with candy powder to reduce the pain of childbirth.

Breast augmentation

Babies need to have plenty of breast milk. But in many cases, there is no milk in the breast of the mother, and it is very little. In this condition, the juice of basil leaves and corn leaves is mixed with 10 ml each and 5 ml of horse odor and has. And if honey is mixed and fed to the mother for 1 week, the breasts increase.

Hair growth

Pour 21 grams of basil leaves and 10 grams of mango powder in a large container and mix it with water. When the scalp is dry, wash the scalp with clean water and apply coconut oil. This will strengthen the hair roots and the hair will be black.


It is a terrible disease. It happens due to various reasons like blood sight etc. The baldness is cured by crushing the budding bud and basil leaves together and applying it to the bald spot.

Bad breath

After eating, chew one or two basil leaves in the mouth. Bad breath will be eliminated, tooth decay will be destroyed and insects will not be found. If the jaw is defective, it will be damaged.


If there is bleeding from the body for any reason and if it does not stop, Tulsi tree bleeding will stop if you take 5 grams of the root with food.


In many cases, ejaculation occurs for no reason. The main reason is spermatogenesis. In order to nourish the seedlings, it is necessary to make small batiks in the amount of 10 grams each of Nata-Koranj seed has, ​​Tulsi seeds and Pipul. If you eat this batik in the morning and drink cow’s milk at night, the semen is nourished. Observation of semen fluid impotence is called. Semen needs to be thick and transparent. If the semen is liquid, crush the basil seeds and candies in the amount of fifty grams each. It is beneficial to take two and a half grams of powdered cow’s milk every morning. The semen is thickened by drinking cow’s milk by eating the root of Tulsi and crushed candy.

Early fall

Many times there are various defects in semen, as a result of which ejaculation occurs immediately after intercourse, leaving the woman dissatisfied. If this condition occurs, one should chew the root of basil instead of betel nut. Then the premature ejaculation will go away.

Dream defect

In this disease, the dream defect of the youth becomes ejaculation in their sleep. In this case, it is beneficial to crush the basil root.

Less hearing

In the ears, If you hear less in the ear, that is, if the tendency is less — the juice of Tulsi is heating a little in the ear and the juice is dripping into the ear in the morning and evening.

Vegetable trees are very beneficial to our lives.

We should plant more vegetable trees.